Friday, May 18, 2007

Robert H. Tourtelot - Attorney at Law and Goofball at the Bar

Robert H. Tourtelot - Attorney at Law and Goofball at the Bar.

If your attorney responds to potential defendants with slang and fails to spell-check
For a moment, I thought I was losing my mind. The guy said in his e-mail: “nowhere does he list copyright law”. Well, cutting him a little slack, I guess maybe he is dyslectic! As you can see from reading our web- site, we do list “Intellectual Property Litigation”. Duh!
Gets little details wrong like the state of residence of the potential defendant and engages in 'my dick is bigger than his' rhetoric
I have been quite successful keeping up the charade for all these years, only to be exposed now by someone in D.C. who probably makes less in a year than I gave to charity last year.
If your attorney challenges people to fisticuffs with an implied death threat
Dear Mr. Corcoran: I am in receipt of your e-mail to my client, Mr. XXX. I note your comments about me. I have a proposition for you. I will pay your way to California if you will agree to come and meet me in a gym, the address of which the limo driver who meets your flight will have.

Oh yes, the deal only includes a one-way ticket, as I do not believe you will be needing the return portion! Ciao, and have a good day. RHT

It's time to get a new attorney.

Or if he's not your attorney mock him with derision and scorn until you hear the lamentations of his women.
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