Sunday, February 19, 2006

Firearms training in the Air Force

My MOS school (4066) at MCDEC Quantico had several instructors from the Navy and Air Force. Good guys. The Air Force Tech Sergeant was a fine speciman of physical fitness, but he generally would not do PT with the troops in the morning. Why? "It's optional in the Air Force".

Fine. But I had no idea that firearms training was not just optional but not available until I read this from the Chair Force Engineer;
During a recent meeting, I had to pose the question why Air Force
Research Lab doesn't offer firearms training for its officers. (I think
I phrased it "We're in the freaking Air Force. Why don't we get to
shoot shit?") The people in the meeting didn't seem to appreciate my
gripe; they were of the mindset that engineers don't get to shoot shit
(at least not on the Air Force dime) and shouldn't have a desire to
shoot shit.
Good question. Yes, they don't have to 'shoot things' but in theory my MOS in the Marines had little to do with shooting things and I got spend many many hours on the range shooting not just the M-16 but a few belts from an M-60 and a few memorable live rounds from an AT-4. It's fun and educational.

Note the belt draped over shoulder - a sure way to spoil the feed. Lack of an assistant gunner to carry more ammunition and a spare barrel. And she's in for a nasty burn if hot brass drops on her shoulders ...
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