Friday, February 03, 2006

"so-called" Lagrange points

Asteroids near Jupiter are really comets
The pair orbit around each other while floating 465 million miles (750 million kilometers) from Jupiter in one of the gas planet's two so-called Lagrange points. At these points, the gravit ..

"so-called"? Who, exactly, is Ker Than casting aspersion at? J. Lagrange is probably beyond caring what a so-called science journalist at CNN thinks of him ..

via CosmicConservative.

Update: Note that the article came from, not CNN, who, as Monte notes, probably don't harbor a bias against dead Italian-French scientists. I hereby retract the 'so-called' snark against both CNN and Ker Than. Ker was - and I am amazed, perhaps it was a slow day - nice enough to respond to my feedback at the site.
Thanks Brian,
I've made the correction. It should have read two STABLE Lagrange points.

Also, I can see your point about so-called, but that term can also be
used to show that something is commonly designated by that name and
that's how I meant it to be read. Still, I'll try to limit my use of
the term.
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