Sunday, February 26, 2006

Weekend not wasted

Spent the weekend and learned a fair bit about postscript. The idea is to automagicaly take input from a php form (like this), slap it into postscript and fire back a PDF via email.

I knew - but never thought about it much - that PostScript is a language. It's a complex language, part of my learning curve was thinking the thing was on a level with shell script when it's really a complex and powerful language. You can DO stuff with PostScript - my hat is off to PostScript hackers everywhere.

However part of this was a wash - I ran slap bank out of time to turn the Offering document into a valid postscript file AND to gin up a script to slap in the variables. So this offering is going to be semi-automated, and hence a bit slower to return the documents than we'd like.

However the next offering promises to be automated - right up until the paperwork comes back to us wherein it devolves into a messy trail of paper again.

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