Monday, February 13, 2006

The internet. Bringing us all together in peace and harmony

Or not. Back in January Travis blogged a New York Times article about one Ms. DeCambra, 38, taking solace in having the gun that murdered her son destroyed.
Maybe instead of trying to “get closure” through destroying inanimate
objects, this clan should improve their lot in life by welding their
zippers shut and not having sex at the age of 13 (and, conversely, not
having sex with 13 year olds).
A month later Ms. DeCambra found the blog and objected to being judged.
Some people have the benefit of not being born into a dysfunctional
family, I did not have that luxury, so I did the best I could as child
myself. But, that does not make the death of my son any less important
or painful. Until you walk in my shoes, you do not have the right to
judge, only God does. And He will.
And it all went downhill - or uphill if you enjoy this sort of thing - after that.

Accusations of pedophilia
I would like to know how you are so perfect in a religon the the
priests molest little unsuspecting boys! I would be proud of that! are
you really a virgin or have you been playing with the boys to? Maybe
thats why you know so much about it!!!!
Snarky counters
No, there’s no child raping going on in the Corcoran family. In the
context of this discussion, that seems to be a DeCambra specialty.
And the best friend puts in an appearance
Well I am miss Decambra's best friend. What right do you have to sit and bash people who you don't know. You might be a good person and so is she but you have ventured into something that was never asked upon you, so why the opinion, I guess their like assholes everyone has one you apparently have two in any case.
Sounds like your average white trash bitch fest, jazzed up with learned commentary from the smart guy down the block.
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