Monday, March 27, 2006


I love David Gerrold's writing. His wit, his way with puns, the obvious fact that he sweats the details and works hard at his craft .. I admire that. From 'A Method for Madness'

Instantly, the pilot reached up and tapped the yellow panel of the device. This would give him a more detailed report. “Gas particulate limits exceeded. Non-recoverable performance loss.”

“What the hell—?”

“You’ve flown through something. That was the bump we felt,” I said. “Possibly a hovering cloud of stingflies. They’re invisible. They follow the worms.”

“I never heard of that—”

“Gee, that’s too bad,” I said sympathetically. “In that case, maybe we won’t crash. God grants dispensation if you have a good excuse.”

He's been working away on the Chtorr Wars series (with book six promised Real Soon Now) since I was in high school. Not exactkly a blistering pace but they're worth the wait.

Thanks to Dave at Garfield Ridge I know exactly what a Chtorrian looks like when it's doing what comes naturally.

Not for the easily nauseated.
You have been warned.
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