Sunday, March 26, 2006

Fire In The Sky

From Peggy Noonan
We forget to notice the everyday courage of astronauts. We forget to think about all the Americans doing big and dangerous things in the world--members of the armed forces, cops and firemen, doctors in public hospitals in hard places. And now, famously again, astronauts. With their unremarked-upon valor and cool professionalism. With their desire to make progress and push on.

Buzz Aldrin captured it this morning. He tried to read a poem about astronauts on television. He read these words: "As they passed from us to glory, riding fire in the sky." And tough old Buzz, steely-eyed rocket man and veteran of the moon, began to weep.

He was not alone.
The rest of that poem goes

Now the rest is up to us, and there’s a future to be won:
We must turn our faces outward, we will do what must be done:
For no cradle lasts forever; every bird must learn to fly:
And we’re goin’ to the stars–
See our fire in the sky!

Why now? Gee, Brian, the Columbia, Challenger, Apollo 1 month was last month's news.

The song came up in iTunes. Any my boyo .. he was not just listening he was listening if you catch my drift. Sure you can't get there by good intention and filk but neither one hurts.
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