Thursday, March 02, 2006


President Bush travels to India, a historic moment. Welcome to the Anglosphere, India.
Not many people are thinking about what this really means. They should be. Bush's trip to India, and the deal made there today, may end up being the single most consequential act of the Bush presidency.

Proving James' point, the lead on CNN? Arms sales. Granted CNN isn't there to cover the grand sweep of things but c'mon.

The perspective from India?
The most powerful man of the world found his reception at (Rastrapati Bhawan) President House breathtaking. Landmark Indo-US nuclear deal went through successfully and the joint statement made people all over India very excited about the totally changed Indo-US relation. It was 'historic' for one and 'necessary' for the other. It may be the happiest day for Manmohan Singh and his expressed it words and gestures too. The whole world today recognizes the necessity of India in decisions on matters of global importance, and does also consider it a responsible nation. Bush openly talked of the significant contributions that Indians in US are making for the American economy. I consider Bush sincere and brave to whatever he commits, and he can go to any length. I don't doubt if he can make his Congress change the law to make the deal effective. His braveness is clear from his body language. Bomb blast in Pakistan today killing number of persons including one American officer can't deter him from going to Pakistan. I heard one former ambassador considering Bush as the most committed admirer of Indian democracy. I remember the years of Eisenhower and Dulles' diplomacy and how badly we used to feel.

Bush is going to Hyderabad on Friday. It is Hyderabad, as Chandra Babu Naidu by his personal endeavour built and brought the city worthy enough to come on global radar. In evening tomorrow, Mr. Bush will address a select gathering the 16th-century Old Fort (Purana Qila) that will become the focal point of the global attention or some time. This will be a first-of-its-kind event for an Indian monument. Mugal Emperor Humayun built it. And Sher Shah defeated Humayun, occupied it, and built Sher Mandal and a magnificent mosque, the Qila-I-Qunah. Humayun after the death of Sher Shah occupied the fort again, and used Sher Mandal as his library. Humayun fell to his death from the steps of this building. And Friday evening, this dilapidated fort will see and hear the voice of the most powerful ruler of the world getting transmitted all over the world. Is this not a surprising and breathtaking event of history?
Not, to me, surprising but it is breathtaking.

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