Thursday, March 02, 2006

Opening Space for Business

I was going to blog the Business 2.0 article on developing space at Liftport - Tom beat me to it. Then all the space orientated bloggers I read did it and now I feel like a Me-Too Molly when I think about blogging the thing.

It is an important article no doubt but I can't say much that isn't being said by hundreds of other bloggers. Luckily William Gaddis has a way with words.
I know it's already made it's way to Slashdot, but still. Twenty Trillion Dollars. Fuck your small-minded primitivist models. Fuck the Crash and fuck dying in the cradle. Fuck anyone who doesn't think we can or should have it all. Fuck any "utopia" that makes concessions. Fuck all those people who so delight in social power that they would keep us all crippled and chained to weakness.

The resource model is not closed. The future is not the past. There is room for progress.

Another world is possible.

Many, many, many other worlds.
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