Saturday, March 25, 2006

From "Why Do We Have A Manned Space Program? " by Peter Taylor

Researching for the presentation I'm giving at Oddcon and found this. Nothing directly to do with the subject at hand.

But I like Heinlein and I love The Door into Summer. How cool to see an old favorite given a new twist.

Why Do We Have a Manned Space Program

A variation of the "wake me up when..." theme was described to me in terms of the cat that gave Heinlein's novel, The Door into Summer, its name. The cat meows at a succession of doors during winter, trying to command its owner to open the right one, the one that leads into summer. The cat doesn't understand that the time is not right, and it will just have to wait. Similarly, space colonies and the other important things that space futurists want to build will just have to wait; the technology is not ready, and sending humans into space at current launch costs with current life support, power supply, and manufacturing technology is like the cat scratching at the door to make it be summer.
Pete found his door into summer. Maybe ours is the one we're meowing at now.

Update: I fear that it is possible I might fall into a Bruce Gagnon like state where I utter pretentious krep and start to take myself way too seriously. Feel free to admister repeated doses of 'boot to the head' should this happen. Thank you!
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