Wednesday, March 08, 2006

MarsCon 2006 Report - Anecdote

SF readers are an interesting lot - those who self-select and get into fandom are even more interesting. One staple of Cons is a blood drive - picture the Red Cross bus filled with fen in costume, one guy dressed as Dr. Who another wearing pirate garb, talking about fanish things - the fellow who just made a Storm Trooper costume for example and was going to wear it to Masquerade that night ...

I'm the last one to be tapped. I'm dressed in a suit because we are representing a company that aspires to earn enough confidence to be entrusted with billions of dollars of capital. Which makes me stand out.

Nurse: What do you do?
Me: I'm representing my company here, handing out literature, spreading the good word.
Nurse: And what do you guys do?
Me: We're building a space elevator.

I love this moment. Are you serious? What is that? We're at a Con, she's probably heard some outlandish stuff today ...

Nurse: And that is ..
Me: Cable on the ground, attached to a satellite and ascend the cable mechanically. For 80% of the cost of a rocket

Long pause while the nurse assimilates this, and decides that I'm not obviously insane.

Nurse: You're .. serious? You are. Wow.

I love moments like that.

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