Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Breeding Part 2

"What do you get when the mother is a toy fox terrier and the daddy a dauchhund" I asked.

Four and one-half weeks ago we found out. Pixie had three pups, all female. One of which - the third - died a week later. You can't see from the images but they're tending to be stockier and longer than the mom, taking after the dad. Shorten a weiner dog's torso, add proportional legs and you've got the right image.

Blaine was first to show her face.

Fatso was the second of three to pop out. She is the jolly eater of the bunch. An enthusiastic nurser she'll flop upside down to keep a firm grip on the nippple. She's showing the same gusto for her puppy chow. And life, really.

Here she is attacking Nixie's (German Shepherd) tail.

Both of them attacking Nixie's bandanna and muzzle. Tiny 'grrs' and 'yips'.

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