Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Wayne Newton - Clas Act

Chuck got a little dinged up in Iraq last year - he's got a picture on his blog showing just how dinged up he was, and it's not pretty. Taking a long planned vacation to Vegas . . .
Diffidently, I approached the counter, where a fashion-model look-alike lady assisted me with check-in. I was in the spa tower, room 27631, and I’d need a special key to access the suite, and the elevators leading up to it. I kept asking “Are you sure this is my room?” “Is this going to cost more than what I booked it for?” “Are those strawberries free?” And finally “Why am I in this suite?”

“Let me look it up sir… Oh I see. You were upgraded at no charge by the CEO, after contact from Wayne Newton. How many keys would you like?”

Astonished, Carren and I grabbed our bags and headed for the elevators. We got to our room. The Bellagio penthouse suites are 1500 square feet of luxury. A guest potty, and a his and hers potty. Hers with a whirlpool bath, sitting area, potty and water fountain bidet, his with a glass-door shower that is also a steam room with bench seats and potty. A king size bed with two huge ceiling to floor windows with automatic drapes and curtains, a living room, wet bar, and entertainment area.

About the time we picked our jaws up off the marble floors, the doorbell (yes, doorbell!) rings, and a man with a bucket of champagne and two glasses arrives, carrying a note: “Sorry we couldn’t be in town this week, hope you like the room and enjoy your stay.—Wayne Newton!”

So, yes, there are some people who care.

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