Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Radio for smart people

Next time you find yourself listening to NPR remember that (some) of the guys running the show are dumb as dirt inexperienced. - 60 years later, NPR's Schorr is still a 'precious resource'
Daniel Schorr is used to producers popping into his Washington, D.C., office at National Public Radio to ask, on deadline: Which war came first, Korea or Vietnam? (Answer: Korea.)

But when one asked, "You covered the Spanish-American War, didn't you?" Schorr couldn't help but respond, matter-of-factly: "That was 1898."

"Oh, sorry, of course," the younger man said, excusing himself.
You'd think a network that prides itself on appealing to the intelligent minority (paraphrase from pledge week) would hire producers who are not so damned dumb that they have to pester an old guy in lieu of looking up the answer.

USA Today looses points by pandering to their readership for including the answer in parenthesis.

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