Monday, July 03, 2006

Pixie at the vet

Pixie at the Vet's office - in an oxygen kennel.

This morning quite early she started in with convulsions - back legs seized up, full body shakes. Very pathetic and she didn't stop trying to get up and walk until 'her' boy
woke up and sat with her. The problem? Low blood sugar, caused by heat and stress from nursing one large and one extra-large puppy.

We're weaning the pups - they're only three weeks old so that will be fun - and found out first-hand that the extra-large puppy really enjoys her food - she drank (per the directions) until she refused the nipple. Treble what her sister ate.

Pixie comes home tonight if all goes well.

Update: She's home. Can't say enough nice things about Sherwood Animal Hospital and Dr. Murray Hurlburt. Murray is one of the good ones.
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