Sunday, July 30, 2006

A fine rant

William is in fine form ranting at Human Iterations
The Left is dumb on Geopolitics.

So fucking stupid it boggles the mind. So self-absorbed, self-deluding, pretentious, naive, petulant, irrational, close-minded, gutless, ignorant, hypocritical, strategy-less, and petty it can only survive through leech-like populist parasitism.

Can't tie its own shoes unsupervised or get within reach of plastic bags because the doctor says if it idiotically asphyxiates itself any further its whining, wheedling, wheezing voice will finally warble into completely unintelligible sonic pollution, splattering acidic drool down its pressed polo shirt.

...What I'm trying to say is that Stephen F. Cohen is certifiably retarded, has only a cocktail-party understanding of Russian politics and his article in The Nation is a load of shit.

It's a fine rant and to reproduce it would only water it down - it should be read in context. The conclusion is priceless.
Goddamn fucking Left. Utterly useless. Except maybe to the all the tyrants that aren't our own.
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