Monday, July 23, 2007

Carnival of Space - Where are the hordes?

The LiftPort Staff Blog is hosting Carnival of Space Week 13. To date I've only received six entries.

C'mon, people. This stuff doesn't just happen. You gotta participate. COS can cover anything related to space - astronomy, rants on the High Frontier, limericks, poetry - the sky is the limit.

Submissions for the Carnival of Space are due to: by 6:00 PM (PST) on the Wednesday evening of the week. It will be appreciated if the submissions come in earlier. The carnival will be posted on Thursday. Please send the following information:

Title of Post
URL of Post
Name of Blog
URL of Blog
Brief summary of the post

If you haven't read any blog carnivals before, please read What is a Blog Carnival.

Here are the expectations for carnival participants.
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