Friday, July 13, 2007

Ootstanding Elephants

My son had only one thing to say to this
Two female Asian elephants, performers at Newmarket’s Garden Brothers’ Circus, broke free of their pen this morning and wandered into greener pastures.

They were found around 3 a.m. munching on trees and foliage outside some nearby homes by a group of friends walking nearby. One elephant was munching on a tree, a witness said during an anonymous phone call to York Police.

“We just found an elephant walking down the street,” he said to a confused dispatcher. “Like, a full grown elephant.
He said "I want an elephant in my backyard." Ya - I'd like to see what the dogs would do about that.

Lotta woofing and barking from her, I suspect.

He'd notice but he'd pretend not to. He's like that.

911 call - here.
Dispatch conversation - here.
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