Sunday, July 15, 2007

Carnival of Space

A note about Carnival of Space - Week 11.

I enjoyed hosting Carnival of Space a great deal - it certainly puts you in touch with a wide variety of people.

At great risk of sounding like a 2nd tier NPR personality during pledge week ... please participate! Public interest can't do anything in space .. but nothing in space can be done without it. A blog carnival is one way to build awareness that 'space' can be for everyone not just a few government employees or scientists.

Host, post or link. A blog post isn't much in the grand scheme of things - but it's better than nothing.

Carnival of Space (COS) submissions - here.
COS Archive - here.
COS Schedule - here.

Next Week's COS is hosted at Music of the Spheres. He's thinking about buying an IPhone - someone stop him before he drinks the Apple Kool-Aid and becomes one of us ..
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