Sunday, July 29, 2007

Guppy 13 - cute

This is 'Gumdrop'. She's is - probably - a Guppy 13 and the nicest - and only - pocket cruiser I've ever sailed.

Guppy 13 - 'Gumdrop'Guppy 13 - 'Gumdrop' starboard

The Guppy class had a short run in the mid 70s. This one has been jacked up a bit by a prior owner. It was wired for electricity and has running lights. A shower faucet handle was added to fhe fore-deck for reasons that are unclear - I speculate the intention is to use it for an anchor. The outboard that came with her is a 4 horse kicker - which is way more motor than the boat needs.

If I'm going to keep her - and I think I am - I'm going to have to get used to having a conversation starter at the lake. She's so unusual looking that everyone gawks and most people want to talk about her. She's just so cute.

8/18/2010 Update.

She's for sale!

Here are some close-ups.

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