Sunday, July 15, 2007

Hello, Unitek

Dear Unitek,

I'm a simple man. I see printed words, I don't see weasel words, I believe them. If you have a class schedule posted on your website, with a location, date and time, and a big fat 'Enroll' button I'm going to believe that there is a class booked and an instructor lined up.

It really bites to get a call back telling me that there isn't actually a class lined up for that date, but oh hey there is one for a few months from now. The onliy problem being that the class I wanted is geographically handy for other reasons, such as family in the area and whould have allowed a mini-vacation to kith and kin.

I will allow that the people that I deal with at Unitek are friendly and willing to fall all over themsevles apologizing for how sucky their employer is. I stand by what I wrote last year
If it was a choice between the competition and Unitek .. I'd go with the other guy. It's a once burned forever shy kinda deal.

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