Friday, July 06, 2007

Sony VAIO customer service - a tale of woe

Jane Galt is having issues getting her laptop serviced. As she describes it - it's pretty bad.
I could call the press office, identify myself as a writer for The Economist, and complain. They'd get it fixed for me; they don't want any mention of their shitty customer service in a major magazine. But that's weaselly--first, because I'd be trading on my employer's name without authorisation; and second, because reporters shouldn't have special access to get their computers fixed.

So instead, I'll try to change the cost-benefit analysis. With your help, I'd like to make this little incident as expensive for Sony as possible.

Let's remind Sony that sometimes, the dumb bitches have blogs. And friends with blogs.
Read more at Sony VAIO customer service
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