Friday, September 12, 2008

Dear Anglicans

Have you people lost whatever passes for common sense in your teeny-tiny brain housing group?

The Church of St. James the Great in Dursley, Gloucestershire has a new curate. She like lager, the Sex Pistols and wears hot pants and biker boots to church.

Which isn't, really a problem. The Anglican's have so many, many problems that a priest wearing hot pants is like an inch of snow at the North Pole.

The problem is something that was only noted in passing.

Miss Denno moved to the town with her partner Joel and their two young children last month to take up her new role.

An unmarried priest.  With a partner.  And two young children.  For the love o' Pete ..  what?  Oh. She is married, as other articles are at great pains to point out.

Well, that's okay then.  Carry on, Anglicans.

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