Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I sold some stock yesterday [1].

I told myself I would not, would not, would not calculate the diff between yesterday (trading at $24) when I executed the sale and last month (trading at $30).

I couldn't help myself. The diff for the shares sold is $2,233. Well, snot, I feel like a goober for not doing this last month.

And I am certainly not going to repeat the exercise for August 2006 when the stock was trading at a record $40. No, Siree, Bob. A man's gotta be able to sleep at night, and the past is a closed book.

[1] Well, aren't I Mr. Moneybags? Well, no. This comes from the employee stock plan I used to participate in. The company has done quite well for itself over the last year, in spite of employing slackers such as myself.
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