Friday, September 26, 2008

Windows is the suck

Although, not really.

The problem lies not with Windows but the lame applications that are written for it. And not, I suppose, with the applications but the retards who call themselves software developers and unleash their steaming piles of mediocrity on the world.

I've got this program, and I suppose that at some point it all made sense but the bits I'm working with are a confusing mess of VB, SQL, Data Junction maps and batch files and nothing really hangs together well so I've got to run about eleventy-dozen applications just to see what is going on.

Following the flow of this circus [1] as it makes it way through our ERP environment makes me want to clap a grenade to the side of my head [2]: I'm about to break out a flowchart template so I can draft at document so I can understand it all, that's how icky it all is.

[1] As an example, McNasty Enterprise Application Integration server creates log files. Oh boy, does it create log files. But are they in the same directory? Oh, hell no.

[2] Yesterday the process that reads the Data Junction maps pegged the processor at 100% for nearly two hours.  While the app was busy doing this it could not - since the application is single-threaded - do anything else.  The Oracle server had a lock on the table, waiting breathlessly for the EAI server to finish sending it .. what .. gigabits of data?  The recipe for Colonel Sander's chicken? We waited ...

At the end 44 records were updated.

What in the ring-tailed rambling heck?
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