Friday, September 19, 2008

Wander my freaks

We've committed to a re-commitment ceremony. We've settled on a style that fits us, the monkeys are thrilled with the formal wear we've settled on ..

Kilts! And bagpipes!

That's my daughter. She is fifteen.

Oh ... my ... gawd you people are freaks! I'm the only normal person here!

Phht: Kilts are cool. And it's not bagpipes plural - just a recording [1] that I'm mulling over for the set [2] you play when you're getting ready for the show to start.

Nothing set in stone - and we've got a year to nail this sucker down.

Anyway - she's my coolth gauge.  When she goes high and to the right, I know that I'm spot on.

[1] I like this one too.  The opening is a bit .. heavy .. for an intimate gathering, perhaps.

[2] The themes that run through the Battlestar Galactica soundtrack really hit me in the gut.  Redemption, Reunification ... hey it's a re-commitment ceremony, right?

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