Monday, March 30, 2009

Don't half-ass it

Dear Mr. President,

March 30 (Bloomberg) -- President Barack Obama said the U.S. will consult with Pakistan before raiding militant bases on Pakistani territory, as he called on leaders in Islamabad to be “much more accountable” in combating terrorism.

“If we have a high-value target within our sights, after consulting with Pakistan, we’re going after them,” Obama said in an interview on CBS television’s “Face the Nation” program yesterday. “But our main thrust has to be to help Pakistan defeat these extremists.”

Why even bother with getting them in our sights?  About three seconds after we 'consult' with our buddies in Pakistan the target is going to get a phone call and vanish into the woodwork.  And figure out he we found him.  So next time it's just going to be that .. much .. harder to find the fucker.

Either fight the war or don't.  But don't half-ass the job.

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