Monday, March 30, 2009

Haircuts in Neenah

Need an excellent haircut in Neenah, Menasha or Appleton?

You're looking for Mary K. at The Barbershop in Neenah.  That's (920) 729-7060. You don't need a reservation, but the place can be busy - it's a good idea.

Like this: I'm bad at giving directions to barbers.

"How do you want it?"

"Oh .. (waves vaguely) up?  Like .. shorter than this?"

And they nod and go to work.  Results easily guessed.

I don't spend a lot of time thinking about hair.  For eight years at any barbershop on any Marine Corps Base I could walk in, tell the man or woman 'high and tight' and it would just happen.  They didn't even have to speak English.   I got used to it.

But anyway.  Mary understands vague directions.  And every single time it's a quality haircut, regardless of how retarded my guidance is.  She's just flat-out good.  Is it experience or a natural genius for hair?

Man, who cares.  Results count.  See Mary [1] for your haircuts.

[1] Truth in Advertising: we're sort-of related.  She is my step-daughter's sister-in-law.  And I like her kids a whole bunch: they are a passel of bubbly cuteness.  But I would not suggest her if she wasn't awesome.

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