Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hey, Wesley Clark!

Hey, Wesley Clark?

If people want machine guns, let them join the military. We got em! But for public and personal use, absolutely not.

Fuck. You. [1]

1. You are retired. Your rank is 'civilian'. What is this 'we' shit?

2. Join the Army and you get to use automatic weapons. Sometimes. But not whenever you want. You don't get to shoot at whatever you want - sergeants get irate when you try. You do not own whatever weapon they tell you to use, you operate it.

3. You might as well say 'You want freedom of speech - go to work for the New York Times'.

4. The point is this America and the ability to own and use firearms is written into the charter.

So eat shit. Sir.

That said, I'm not real hip on owning machine guns. But my personal feelings have nothing to do with the matter, nor does the opinion of Civilian Clark: it's written down that we can own and operate firearms and until that very basic Right is repealed, opinions to the contrary are moonshine and sunbeams.

[1] You too, Geraldo.

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