Monday, October 19, 2009

Cell Phone Tool

Got some email with disturbing pictures, an explanation and a screed against using cell phones.

Do you see the motorcycle?

Now do you see it?


[long ranty text excised]

Wake up people , Stop talking on Cell phones and Texting while trying to drive. Put your Cell phone in the back seat !!!

If my wife or sister had been killed in this car, this email would piss me off. But they were not so I am only mildly irked.

1. The anonymous author uses it to score points about cell phones.

2. Which, God knows, I am not advocating that you use while driving.

3. They made a deliberate assumption [1] about the cause of the accident while ignoring the real cause which is

4. Regardless of how much attention the person at the wheel was paying to conditions the cause of the accident was the tool who was whacking along at 85 MPH on a street where cross traffic was allowed. At 124 fps you might have about three seconds to react, and that's only if you're paying attention 100 yards in front of you and not looking at your speedometer or thinking about getting laid.

5. And anyway the whole thing was borrowed from a Swedish crash where

5a. The biker was rocketing along at 155 MPH.

5b. Nobody wrote anything about cell phones. At all. Because the fault was clearly with the operator of the bike.

Someone made shit up to prove a point. Which undermines their entire argument. Well done.

[1] Lied.

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