Saturday, October 17, 2009

Monastic quiet

For reasons we need not go into here [1] Pasty and the Little Monkey are in Chicago.

I am abed with many, many, things to do today.  The character of the house has changed by the seemingly simple act of removing a spouse and a loud, energetic child.

It is monastically quiet.

I am reluctant to break the quiet.  It will be throwing a rock into a still koi pond.

I am hungry and a zesty bowl of oatmeal and a variety of tasks, chores, and pleasures await.

But not just yet.

[1] A seminar on effective sales strategies: she is really deep-diving into this Avon stuff.  Speaking of which you should really check out her Avon site.

Also she's going to hook up with her Chicago-based cousin later today and the Great Googly Moogly only knows what shenanigans they'll be up to.

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