Monday, October 26, 2009

Ingrid Michaelson at the Barrymore 10/24/2009

Ingrid Michaelson at the Barrymore 10/24/2009

That's where I was Saturday.

The first act was Matthew Perryman Jones who looked hot in his blue jeans, beard, and long hair. My husband, Brian, was not impressed with his good looks and he spouted off, "All his songs sound the same and the boy needs a shave."

I did not 'spout off'. I grumped.  Possibly I bitched.  There is a difference.

See this YouTube video for what his performance was like.

Ingrid Michaelson was very, very, good.  You know those guys who sound great in a studio but blow chunks on a stage?  She's not like that at all.

Joe Bob says 'check her out'.

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