Monday, February 15, 2010


The Army has officially discovered that the bad guys in Afghanistan travel light, like the high ground and prefer to engage 500 meters or more away from our rifles.

And also - oh you are not going to believe this - popping off a handful of rounds at pop-up targets 300 meters away on a level field does nothing to prepare a guy for shooting at dudes on top of a mountain 800 meters away.  Who would have thunk-it?

The author - MAJ Erhart - does have good solutions.  The doctrine bits are the best of the bunch.  The equipment ideas present logistic and training issues, but, hey, we're good at that kind of thing.

Some of what he wants ain't gonna fly: rebuilding ranges with terrain and computerized wonder gear and spotting cameras is going to be expensive and isn't nearly as sexy as a new fighter plane for the zoomies or a new warship so the Navy can re-fight World War II.

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