Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Weasels ripped my flesh

My better-half is my editor and voice of wisdom and when she says 'hey bucko, don't publish that' .. well when she's right she's right.

Which is a darn shame. Because I had terrifically angry rant about a local tradesman, this graphic and the phrase 'sodomized without even the benefit of a reach around.

This is how it feels to deal with 1-2-3 Auto of Neenah, Wisconsin

Here is the bare-bones 'don't sue me' 'just the facts' 'not naming names' of the story: My daughter and her husband needed both of their cars repaired. A local mechanic said that he could fix one for about $500. He fixed it, for $1,267. The other car he estimated at $40. They could not do it, sent it to the dealer. The dealer called and the estimate is $200. Then another call and they estimated $600.

It sure feels like they got ripped off.

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