Sunday, February 07, 2010


Fred On Everything: angry and frustrated gringas

During the lead-up to the fall of Saigon, I went to the embassy for some reason (being then the Southeast Asian stringer for Army Times). The NVA was rapidly coming south and the city obviously was going to fall. Thousands of American men were still in Saigon with Vietnamese wives, legal or not, and often with families. State was puzzled that these men hadn't flown out, not understanding that men do not leave their wives and children in toppling Asian cities. Of Vietnamese women, I heard one of the embassy gals say, "I don't see how anybody could marry one of them." "Let's see," I thought. "The Viet women are smart, instinctively classy, feminine (consult your dictionary), don't bitch constantly, are beautiful, sexy, endlessly self-reliant, and tough without being masculine. Uh...what was the question, lady?"

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