Sunday, February 21, 2010

Icing on the Cake

Clear on the right - clear on the left - Breathe - Relax - Aim - Sight - Squeeze (am I forgetting anything) BANGRINGGGGGGINGINMYEARS-OW-OW-OW.

Oh yes - ear muffs.  Because guns are .. I SAID 'GUNS ARE LOUD'.

I would not bring this up, because while shooting guns can be enjoyable exercise I firmly believe they are tools and owning, practicing with, and taking care of them is not any different from owning and using say, a really nice floor jack.   But I'm pretty giddy about today's bit of fun - which was an ad-hoc bit of shootin' [1] into a big pile of dirt [2].

We had two guys with a lot of experience with firearms  And me.  And none of us could shoot my wife's brand-new Taurus .38 for beans.

She put every shot either on the bull or real close.  

I'd love her anyway but the competence this woman applies to new situations and experiences is just awesome and makes me ... well not love her more but it's like having extra-tasty icing on a very awesome cake.

[1] What we'd  call in the Marines a familiarization fire: this is the gun, this is how you shoot it, we'll shoot it for score later.
[2] It's amazing what a guy can do when he owns a bulldozer.
[3] Me, I carefully aimed in on center mass ... and the bullet hole appeared four feet above the bull.   Which would prove I'm a terrible shot.  Which I am.  But just to demo - to myself - that I am not quite that bad, I put a full magazine from my new 10/22 right on the bull [4], and a tight group from our friend's .380 in the vicinity of the bull.
[4] This is not a big deal - I was 10 yards from the target.  See [1]

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