Thursday, February 08, 2007

Arthur's Hall of VIking Manliness

Arthur's Hall of VIking Manliness - interesting site. Chew*, heavy metal and firearms of course.
And the Mosin can kill enemies of homeland. The muzzle blast will vaporize green growth within a few feet of the muzzle, and even if you miss, the enemy will be reduced to shouting "WHAT?" to communicate.
But also globalization
And of course the left wing anti globalists never say a word about what a great boost in the standard of living in third world countries that foreign investment provides (they’re brown so they don’t matter, right?) Neither do they take it to account the massive drop in the cost of manufactured goods that comes with foreign trade that increases the buying power of every consumer. They are too busy rioting at WTO conventions and throwing garbage cans through the windows of the local Starbucks to get back on speaking terms with reality.

In regards to right wing anti globalists they are a little bit smarter, but not by much. Their thesis is quite similar to the one the leftists have but the focus is different. Instead of a desire to protect the workers they have a desire to protect the corporations. These are the kind of people who bail out tanking inefficient companies (Chrysler anyone?) and love to pass out corporate welfare with a zeal only matched by the love liberals posses for hand outs to the inner city. What they fail to understand is that if a corporation is collectively dumb enough to start running a constant loss and is in the early stages of collapsing under its own weight then it deserves to. Globalism is a two way street, you do not get increased markets without increased competition, but this is a good thing.
And global warming
First of all, despite the clear evidence to the contrary some conservatives have chosen to bury their heads in the sand and pretend like the Earth is not warming up. The fact is that it is and dramatically. Depending on how and who measures the temperature the Earth has warmed up 2-4 degrees F in the last 150 years. We do not have reliable measurements prior until the mid 1800s and this, of course, is used by denial experts who say that this could be natural and part of the Earth’s cycle.
Which is not what I was expecting to read in that article at all.
The point is that global warming is happening. Here at Arthur’s Hall I am always looking for ways to give you a better idea of how the world around you is full of change and that change, even drastic Earth changing events like Global Warming, are not necessarily reasons to throw your hands up and become a victim. We should all stop pretending that Global Warming is a liberal myth and do what capitalists do…find ways to make money and improve our world. Stop letting environmentalists look smart…embrace global warming. Let’s change the mainstream conservative view of global warming by coming to grips with the fact that what we do effects the Earth…how we choose to LET it effect the world is 100% up to us.
Whoa. A Viking Capitalist.

*No, I don't chew. But neither do I much care if someone else does - God knows there are worse habits.
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