Friday, February 23, 2007

Time to reevaluate

If you find yourself having this conversation

Yuppie dad: Dylan, remember when we discussed at-home conversations and outside conversations?

Yuppie kid: Yes.

Yuppie dad: Well, this is an at-home conversation.

Yuppie kid: Okay, daddy. [Sings to herself quietly] Mommmyyy shaves her hoo-hooo...

Black lady: See, home conversating, outside conversating -- that's bullshit. My kid says shit like that, I smack him. He won't say shit like that again.

Yuppie dad: Okay, thank you, but I think our method works just fine.

Yuppie kid: Lady, do you shave your hoo-hoo?

Black lady: Oh, yeah, that shit is workin' just fine. She's all kinds of polite.
It's time to reevaluate your child rearing strategy.

Via .. someone.

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