Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Just doing his job

"We're just doing our job." The refrain of the humble man doing a difficult job. Or not.
Gordon Peterson: "What do you think, Evan? Are the mainstream media bashing the president unfairly?"

Evan Thomas: "Well, our job is to bash the president, that's what we do almost --"

Peterson: "But unfairly?"

Thomas: "Mmmm -- I think when he rebuffed, I think when he just kissed off the Iraq Study Group, the Baker-Hamilton Commission, there was a sense then that he was decoupling himself from public opinion and Congress and the mainstream media, going his own way. At that moment he lost whatever support he had."
Hunh. I thought their job was to report the news. Good reason not to subscribe to Newsweek. Okay yes, context matters and perhaps he was kidding ... but still.

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