Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bruno - RIP

Chris Baldwin posted his last Bruno yesterday.

2/14/07 - Well. I guess this is it. It felt so weird to set down my pen when I was done with this strip. That's it. Eleven years. There it is.

I wish I had some optimistic vision of a blazing path ahead of me, but even though there are several projects I'm developing, it's hard to see past doing Book#10 pre-press this weekend, then freelance jobs, then taxes, and maybe a breather for my birthday (the 25th) (I'm turning 34 I think).

Again, I wish to mention that I'll be blogging on the 1st of every month as to what I'm up to (here, livejournal or myspace). I also hopefully will clean up this site, including (among other things) fixing the archive, updating my bio page, etc.

For all of you who've patroned for Book #10, please make sure to double-check your name (updated in the list below). Everyone else, today's the last day for your name as a patron in book#10 if you wish.

And lastly, thank you. I know this isn't goodbye for most of you, you'll keep a watchful eye on me, make sure I'm not up to no good. But still, I may have been sailing the ship, but you're all the ones who've kept vigil on the rocks, stormy seas buffeting your view. You've put me up when I was traveling, bailed me out when my finances fell through, and been generous, kind, and supportive when times were bad, okay, and even good.

And you've loved Bruno, as I have.

I can't thank you all enough. And I hope the ending of the strip pleases you. I worked hard (about 7 months lead-up) to make the ending feel good, solid, right, and at the same time, not too precious. Because although the strip is ending, tomorrow Bruno will wake up and her life will continue.

my best,

Bruno is a fascinating character - I've loved reading the strip, wanted to jack some sense into her noggin at times. She'll be missed.
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