Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fire Brigade

While I'm still on about Korea .. from Soldiers from the Sea: The United States Marine Corps, 1775-1962

“In 38 days the Marine brigade marched 380 miles and fought three major engagements—each a counterattack—the loss of any one of which would have jeopardized the United Nations position in Korea. Marine Air[craft] Group 33 flew 1,511 sorties, 995 of them in close support of Marine or Army ground units; moreover, Marine pilots flew helicopters in combat for the first time in history. Of the Marine air- ground team in the perimeter, one Army regimental commander wrote to Washington, “The Marines on our left were a sight to behold. Not only was their equipment superior or equal to ours, but they had squadrons of air in direct support. They use it like artillery.… We just have to have air support like that or we might as well disband the Infantry and join the Marines.”
Semper Fi.
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