Friday, February 23, 2007


This question comes up once in a while: You're a small company, Boeing and Lockheed are huge.  When the space elevator idea is ready for prime time they are going to wake up, take the idea and flatten you into the ground.  How are you going to avoid that?

With people like this.

I’ve been an aerospace engineer for over 20 years.

I just visited friends back at the Kennedy Space Center, (I was laid 5 years ago, just before 9/11) some are still working half were laid off. I say, come on Musk Rutan, and Branson. I am so tired of having to work for only the big boys (Bo-Lockmart) helping them play with meeting their milestone charts and not inventing anything. The more the merrier! Not to mention that it would be great to work for a company that was actualy innovative and not dependent on the government funding cycle.

Welcome to the game boys, I’m warming up my resume. Maybe I can use my Masters Degree for bending metal and not to just push papers!

Being small means we can employ the cream of the crop - we won't (putting this in military terms) employ a conscript army doing scut work but highly motivated special forces ninjas. The trick will be to employ the nimble ju-jitsu thing without letting the lumbering mass fall on us.

Respectfully Submitted,
Brian Dunbar

*I don't like the derisive nickname but it is a handy tag
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