Monday, February 26, 2007

Shoot Only at the Red Airplane

The subject matter isn't terribly interesting to me but the process is sure 'nuff interesting.

SHOOT Only at the Red Airplane is exactly the kind of book that should be self-published. If you're interested in obscure WWII history or aviation, this is something that will interest you. Bill spent his service in WWII working on a target drone squadron. During (and after) the war, various radio-controlled aircraft were used as flying targets for Army and Navy gunners, and Bill's well-researched book provides a lot of first-hand information as to how these craft were developed and used.

Bill's prose is merely serviceable, and the editing and layout is OK, but this is really what historians call a primary source - what you use to write the more formal history of an event.

Self publishing has been around forever but sites like Lulu push more content a bigger audience. More information=goodness.
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