Tuesday, February 06, 2007

We're sorry

Apple gets points in my book for having great customer service. No one is perfect and their hardware will fail. It's how they handle it afterwards that matters ...
I sent it (Macbok) off to get a dead hard drive and a discolored top-half fixed.

It came back with a new hard drive (OSX 10.4 preloaded of course), new top-half (still with the protective plastic cover on it), and a couple of other minor recall issues fixed.

However, I sent the machine off with a single 512M SODIMM installed.

It came back with that 512M SODIMM *and* a 256M SODIMM installed.

In other words - "We're sorry as hell about that. Really. That discolored thing - so embarrassing. Hey - have some RAM. Just a token of our esteem."

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