Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Pasty Poem

The happiest day of my life was when this woman said she would marry me.
There was a time when darkness ruled

and light was just a dream

When shadows told of what was there

and nothing was as it seemed.

But through a sprig of hope there sprung

A glimmer of twinkling light

And through the shadows you emerged,

My brave and shinning knight.

Thus to the castle we shall ride

Upon your stead of life

To banish the shadows from my world

And making me your wife.

And so our fairy tale began

and a decade now has passed

But through the days and years I've found

Our love is true and shall last.

Sometimes the darkness finds a way

to enter in our domain,

But a touch, a word, a look, a kiss

From you shall keep me sane.

So through the years I promise you

Whatever mountains we must climb

I'll hold you close and be with you

Until the end of time.
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