Friday, July 18, 2008

Carry Permit Holders are ...

Psst - pass it on: Carry Permit Holders are

300 times less likely than the general population to commit a crime. A Texas study found that CCW holders in that state were "5.7 times less likely to commit a violent crime, and 14 times less likely to commit a non-violent offense."

Which you'd expect, if you know the details needed to obtain a carry permit in most jurisdictions.

Attention S4C visitors from outside the United States: you're welcome to kibitz, criticize, bitch, moan or whine. Commentary is always welcome!

But do recognize that what we're talking about a right that is written into the charter of the United States. You might not like the idea of rednecks, yahoos and other ordinary citizens with weapons but .. until the Constitution is formally discarded, it's as much a part of this country as free speech, separation of church and state and the right not have troops billeted in your house.

If you must, think of it as a peculiar national quirk. Everyone's got 'em.
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