Friday, July 18, 2008

Ipsos Custodes

The really interesting South Bend Seven comments on this picture ...

Knock knock!
Tell me with a straight face that staring down the business end of an M1 Abrams would not fill your heart with dread. (And you pants with something even less pleasant.) You know what would scare me the most about this scene? That the crew has casually stashed a cooler on top of their vehicle. Not only will they unload serious Old Testament firepower, but they plan on breaking later for frosty beverages. It's a true badass that can level half a village in the morning and still be ready for a picnic in the afternoon.

To be fair to the crew - it's probably bottled water in that cooler. The Marine Corps has gotten seriously uptight about booze in the past decade or so. It's probably a good thing - a beer now and again is not bad but the culture we had of 'drinking to excess because you're young and you can' wasn't exactly good for anyone except the bar owners and floozies in Kinville.

His main point is spot on.

I don't like government sponsored violence, but to be perfectly honest I like the idea that there are big scary men with big scary weapons ready to reign down truly biblical amounts of destruction on people who might try to harm me and my neighbors. It's ugly, but somebody has to be ready to do it.
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