Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I made you a mixtape

I made a mixtape. Which might be the most egotistical thing I've done all day, thinking that what I like you might want to hear.

And yes, the first track is from a science-fiction television show. I happen to think that the song - 'Storming New Caprica' works as a fine bit of standalone music.

Of course when I listen I know that the piece is from a scene that features a few hundred thousand tons of space-going aircraft carrier/battleship popping out of hyperspace 100,000 feet AGL, falling at terminal velocity, spitting out fighter planes through the shock wave, hull burning (clearly this is not a maneuver the builders never even thought about when they laid down the keel) and just before it goes WHAM into the ground it jumps with a nifty *pop* back into space ...

YouTube - Galactica Falling With Style

So .. yah. Enjoy. Thanks to Erica for showing the site.
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