Sunday, July 13, 2008

Customer complaint - well played: Part II

Hey, Laurie from Dreamland Comics? When you're caught doing a sock puppet
If you go to Google and put in “Laurie” and “Dreamlandcomics”, you get hits.

Laurie’s last name on this site matches the last name of the owner of Dreamland.

Then we looked at a “whois” query to see who registered and owns, we looked the street address of the the store, and we looked at the shipping address that Laurie used for the HeavyInk shipment [1]...

Concede. Give up. Chalk it up to lessons learned. Declare victory and go home.

Because you can't win, you can only make things much, much worse by coming back to the scene of the crime and making a stink and calling people 'retards'.

Keep it up and the first hit in Google is going to be the HeavyInk thread and you'll look like yokels. Forever. Not a threat, just the way the world works.

Kudos to Tyler for the last line in that thread

P.S. — We prefer learning disabled.

[1] D'oh!
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