Wednesday, July 02, 2008


We've got this guy. He and his partner commit armed robbery at a Subway.

A 71-year old man - who at the time was being forced into the bathroom - drew his weapon and shot them both. Got one in the head, the other in the chest. The latter fellow ran for his life, and was found by police hiding in the bushes.

The dead dude's grandmother is upset.

He should not have taken the law in his hands," said Rosa Jones, Gadson's grandmother.

Well, spit and hellfire, Mrs Jones - it's not like the law was right there keeping Mr. Lovell safe, was it?

Her husband, Ivory Jones, also condemned the media for its portrayal of Lovell's actions.

"I don't condone what they did, (but)

Well thank God.

I definitely don't condone the news people making him out to seem like they're making a hero out of this man because he shot somebody down," he said.

Fair enough. As an official non-new people, then, I'll announce (as if anyone cares) that

To all who shall see these presents, greeting:

Know Ye that Mr. John Lovell of Plantation, Florida, for the actions taken June 25, 2008, is a Hero and shall have all the accolades, respect and honors that said office shall enjoy.

Given under my hand this day, July 2, 2008.

Brian Dunbar


S4C also wishes to tender their condolences to Mr. and Mrs. Ivory Jones, for the loss of their grandson. We also extend these condolences to Mr. Arrindell's friends and family.

Requiescat in pace.
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